Mobile Cell Phone Cap Plans – Optus Business Australia

Cap plans are offered by all the major mobile phone carriers in Australia and have proven to be hugely popular. However do they give you a much value for money as you think?

The cap plans are all very similar between the major phone carriers; Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone all give you $550 worth of calling credit on a $79 cap.

It almost sounds too good to be true, and in some cases it is! The companies make their money by hiking up the call charges and connection costs. In some cases the true cost of making a call is three or four times as much as it would be on a non cap plan! An example of good value would be plan that gave me, say $89 of calling credit for the price of $79 but the call charges remain the same. That would be worth to me $10, instead I am almost tricked into thinking I am getting $471 for free when it could in fact cost me more, a lot more.

On the Optus Business Smart $79 cap the call charges are 30c per 30 seconds with a flagfall (connection charge) of 35c, so to make a one minute call it will cost you 95c. The same call on the Optus Yes Business Smart Plan would cost just 40c (Smart Rate.)

The pitfalls of a cap plan come into play if you are a high user or might use your mobile unpredictably, i.e. if you have a quiet month and your mobile usage is low, then the next month you are very busy and it’s almost glued to your ear. If you are on a Cap plan after your $550 of calling credit has run out you will continue to be billed at the rates above (95c for a 60 second call.) This could lead to a bill in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

However there is a market where Caps work, and work well. Caps can be great if you are on a budget; you can opt for a prepaid cap that you need to recharge every month after your calling credit of $550 has been reached, ensuring that you never receive a huge bill. Prepaid Caps are great for your teenage kids, you decide what cap they have $29, $39, $49 etc and when they use up all the calling credit then that’s it until next month (unless you are a soft touch dad like me!)

Other people that benefit from Caps, either Cap plans or Prepaid Caps are those that can guarantee they will not exceed the calling credit amount. They are receiving more talk time for their money and know they will not exceed the limit.

With the Optus Business Smart Cap there are other benefits such as: Free unlimited voicemail, and a choice between SMART FLEET – Free calls, SMS, and MMS 24/7 to other mobile on your business account or BUSINESS TIME – free five minute calls to three number 24/7, either standard fixed line or Optus mobile numbers. You can also receive the first two months free if you sign a 24 month agreement and bring your own phone with you.

Whatever carrier you decide to use, ensure that the sales person gives you ALL the options available to you. There are numerous plans out there and usually one to fit the needs of everyone. Sometimes sales people can be guilty of pushing Caps on to consumers as they are perceived to be easier to sell because the customer thinks they are getting a massive amount of calling credit for free

Overcoming Cell Phone Addiction

Do you live your life through your mobile cell phone, finding it hard to leave the house without it with you? If the first thing you do when you wake up is check your text messages or mobile email and the last thing you do is send an SMS to a friend then you could be suffering from an unhealthy addiction to your cell phone.

For those who suffer from this problem, it is not only a potential drain on their bank balance with increased costs for using their phones, it can also affect their quality of life. Suffers have reported anxiety attacks if they discover they do not have their phone with them, or for example if they are unable to check their email.

With the growing integration of social networking sites into the home screen of modern mobile phones, it is likely that this problem will only grow, feeding on the habits of the users who keep in touch with friends via those networking sites. For manufacturers this is an obvious step, given the power of new phones and the ready availability of data connections as it helps attract new users to their phones. For the mobile carriers this makes sense as well, because more phones and more demand, means greater data usage and higher charges.

However, if access to social networking portals is available around the clock, without the need for a computer, it can be expected that one addiction will feed the other so users need to view this change with some caution. This is particularly so for parents where they may feel their children are safe from online threats because computers are monitored or have suitable protective parental controls in place. Now, with the power of mobile cell phones and the integration of technologies, anything available online is now also available on a cell phone.

For those with limits to how much they can spend on a mobile each month, there is a check of sorts to their use, as once credit has expired the services are also limited. But what if this is not a factor; how can someone avoid the problems of cell phone addiction?

Firstly agree times when the phone will be turned off and tell people that they will not be able to make contact during those times. Whilst this may be hard at first, it should soon become apparent that the world does not end if a message is not responded to straight away.

If email is a problem, agree that work email will not be checked and responded to over weekends, or of an evening.

If the phone must remain switched on, because the user is in a situation where they are on call 24 hours a day, set up different ring tones to identify work and social calls. This can help reduce the stress sometimes felt when a call is received.

Put the phone out of site and do not always carry it around, particularly at meal times. Concentrate on one activity at a time and if necessary set a specific time to update social networking sites.

Discover The Many Advantages Of Mobile Phone SMS Marketing

Isn’t amazing how far marketing has come over recent years.

After dominating the print world it moved into the world of first radio, then TV and finally the Internet. Now it has started to rule the mobile phone world.

As almost everyone in the developed world now owns a mobile phone it naturally makes sense for marketers to move in. They can quickly and easily promote their products or services by simply sending a text message.

Using Mobile SMS Marketing to introduce and/or promote products and services is far away the best method to use.

A mobile, cell phone is now an important part of many people’s lives, enabling them to keep in touch with others using instant text messaging. The main benefit of using a mobile phone is the speed and simplicity of communication.

Those same benefits obviously also apply to mobile SMS marketing as businesses can easily reach prospective clients by sending a brief text message to their phones.

Below are some other advantages to mobile SMS Marketing:


Sending personalised messages is one of the greatest benefits of SMS Marketing. Done correctly, it makes your prospective customer feel special, an insider having a special deal offered. This is direct marketing at it’s most productive, as dealing on a one-to-one basis with your clients, personalizing your messages to suit their gender, profession and age group.


This form of marketing allows you to truly target your potential customers, and avoid those unlikely to be interested in your offer. This therefore cuts down on your advertising costs, as only spending on genuine potential customers.


As mobile phones are carried everywhere by their users it is easy to communicate with potential customers using instant messaging at any time, anywhere. This works particularly well if you are sending them an offer that is time sensitive.


Viral Marketing. is very simple to achieve with mobile phones. If your customers like your offer they are highly likely to send it on to their friends and family.


Surveys have proved that SMS marketing is 10 times more effective than any other advertising, and that includes email, print ads and classifieds. You should easily be achieving a response rate of at least 20% – providing you are using an effective SMS marketing provider. They are very affordable too, so you will have almost instant return on your investment. Be sure to take advantage of any discounted plans on offer, and save even more money.


You can easily change your messages, schedule their delivery and much, much more if you use a good text service provider.

Always remember – you are only sending instant messages to interested customers, and to those who have requested them. This is a very important advantage to SMS marketing. As your marketing campaign is permission based you should achieve a much better return on your investment, and see a huge improvement in your income, almost immediately.

Cell Phone Earthquake Warnings Available

Did you know that Earthquakes give out interesting warning signals about 30 seconds prior? Well it appears so and no that is not much to save the population from chaos, but it maybe enough time to help people seek shelter in a place where nothing will fall on them or at least allow them to get out of a very dangerous situation. The average person who is in good shape can run about 150 to 200 yards if their lives depended on it.

Well now at least one cell phone company is offering Cell Phone Earthquake Warning features and their network will dial up all their users with this extra feature just ahead of the Earthquake. After the Earthquake it will call them and tell them where the Earthquake was and how big and any estimates for Tsunamis or Aftershocks. This company is in Japan, where they have lots of Earthquakes and it is sure to be a big service seller.

The company admits that for smaller Earthquakes the precursory Earth Waves maybe such that will prevent easy detection, but for the big Earthquakes when it really matters most the system will most likely work extremely well.

The JMA or Japan Meteorological Agency is working with the cellphone companies to alert them of high activity in the P-waves or primary waves, which come before the S-waves, the ones which cause the most damage and hurt the most people.

So far NTT, DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank Mobile have signed up to help with the program and will offer this to customers. What about in the United States in places like San Francisco, which is prone to huge devastating Earthquakes that kill tens of thousands of people? Well maybe Google’s new SMS on Steroids might interface with local mobile cell phone companies too. The future awaits.

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Importance of Cell Phone SMS Messages

For the Modern and younger generation as we are life is unimaginable if you don’t have a Mobile phone. For them it is seems like an extension of their hands, a tool for saying so many things. The mostly people have devised a lingo of missed calls and sms text message by the dozen sms per day. SMS messages are a new version of the old pass-the-note messaging. SMS messages are ideal for sending to people because they are stored in mobile phone to be read what they received and what they sent when they are free. Now a days SMS messaging is possible on all mobile phone plus some landline phones are also providing the facility of sms.

SMS text messaging proved it self to be a big revenue earner for the telecom companies especially thanks to the TV channels. Every program always shows a short code as advertising for viewers to send sms messages with their complaint / feedback / opinions and polling etc. Marketing companies have used SMS so extensively that the courts stepped in to restrict the usage and this marketing technique is too much involved in daily life.

Sending sms text messages is very convenient, this is very suitable way for sending payment intimations, payment reminders, SOS calls, greetings etc can be transmitted in this form. We can also Receipts of payments like utility bills, subscriptions, renewals etc can be sent by SMS messages.

No Doubt SMS Text messages proved its worth during the last many years as the ownership of cell phones exploded to 80 million handsets. It is also use during times of crisis, governments rushed SMS alerts to people warning them of floods, earthquakes, etc. Thanks to SMS Text Messaging because it is ease of use, more people are taking up sms text messaging. Cell phone is now seen more as an important accessory of modern life than as a novelty thing.